Butlins Accommodation

As well as the privately owned static caravans at Butlins, there is also Butlins own appartments and hotels that you can hire
 All the accommodation is situated on the resort and the main differences you need to consider when deciding what type of holiday accommodation you want to book is the price and whether you want to go self catering or full board.
  • If you are looking for a self catering holiday then the static caravans tend to be a much cheaper option than the appartments: based on 6 people (2 adult 4 children) in the summer holiday 2014 the cost of a caravan including free entertainment passes would start at £825
  • The cost for a standard appartment is £1,025
  • Other points to consider are: All our Caravans as standard have double glazing and central heating, verandas with seating, fully equipped kitchens including microwave and in most cases Freezers. Another plus to booking a caravan is that you can park next too the caravan, so unpacking is easy - you don't have to park in main Butlins carpark and lug your cases all the way to your appartment, which could be up to 10 minutes away and up a flight (or 2) of stairs, and you can also keep an eye on your car.
OK, I know we are biased, but if you are looking for value for money then its well worth considering the static caravans. 
Typical Butlins appartments
Premium Accommodation
 Choose from dinner, bed and breakfast or self catering in Deluxe Suites and Gold appartments
Mid - Range Accommodation 
 Choose from dinner, bed and breakfast in Silver rooms, or self-catering in Silver Apartments.
Budget Accommodation
 Choose from dinner, bed and breakfast in Standard Rooms, or self-catering in Standard Apartments. 
deluxe suite at butlins bognor silver room butlins standard room minehead butlins
gold apartment silver apartment standard apartment at butlins
Typical static Caravans at Butlins Minehead